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Default Re: id Software's RAGE to use Steamworks and Steam Cloud

I really dont see the problem with Origin. Apart from a few people suggesting that they like to have all DD in one place i feel as there is no valid debate here.

I have a GFWL account, Steam account, WoW account and an Origin account with games on them all...when i browse to my 'games' folder each and every game from each distributor is there...all in one place. I dont care for the silly things such as in game chat interface and screenshot taker and crappy fps readouts that are usually inaccurate nor am i interested in 'chatting' on these interfaces.

Usually the prices of games on these DD acounts are usually higher than retail and so if i have an option i will always mail order my games and usually save myself 10-15 quid in doing so. THIS is my only gripe with DD services.

I play a game on Steam...I play a game on Origin... Is there a difference to me when im playing these games on what DD account i have used to acquire the game? No there isnt. Also Steam Cloud can be a huge fail at times as i have personally witnessed lost saves and game resets because of this, personally i like all my data being stored locally.

EA have stood up and said "hold on, why are steam making soo much money off our games? Maybe we should distribute them ourselves with an improved EA downloader". Good on them i say, Steam is becoming overpriced and greedy for AAA titles and at the end of the day you are downloading data...No production cost here for DVD's, manuals and boxes yet they still charge extortionate prices.
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