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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
You're kidding me right? BF BC2 was released with all the same bugs the beta had. The beta was so late they didnt have time to change it as the code was more than likely already gold. There were only a few days between the beta and retail.

And in case you forgot...

Bad Company 2 PC would kick off "very early" in 2010, developer EA DICE has announced the beta will run January 28 through February 25, 2010 along with several other details.

It was released to retail NA March 2, 2010.

They didn't fix anything from the beta to the retail. I remember this well because I was disappointed with having same bugs when I bought it.
Man, does anyone read what I say anymore?

Originally Posted by ViN86
Most of the glaring problems were fixed before release, and many of the remaining bugs were very annoying things that still left the game playable. Things like graphical glitches will be sorted out by ATI/Nvidia, and things like falling through the floor will be fixed by DICE.

My point was that bitching about a beta is like bitching about your meal before it's cooked.
I remember the server browser was broken, the guns were unbalanced, but I could play the game and it ran well. I bought it release day.

Originally Posted by Blade View Post
The current Beta is pretty close to release spec imho, can't see much changing between now & release.
Right, minus the glaring bugs like falling through floors. I seriously doubt they will release the game with that.
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