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Default Re: id Software's RAGE to use Steamworks and Steam Cloud

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
And they went ahead and made that happen, while pricing the games exactly the same as on Steam. The only difference is, they now get all the money. Talk about greedy....

Steam is not expensive at all, at least here in Switzerland. It actually forced retailers to lower their prices for PC games by about 25%!
But BF3 is their game not steams, why should steam make money off it just because it can offer a DD. All EA have done is got rid of the middle man which is all steam will ever be cept of course for the Valve exclusives. This is why Steam have steamworks and cloud, yes you get option to run 'some' games through steamworks but there are also a few that is compulsary to use steamworks. MW2 and blops spring to mind.

I hope theres a lot more devs catch on to this and at last Steam can have some serious competition with the PC market. Thats a good thing for the users.
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