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Default Re: id Software's RAGE to use Steamworks and Steam Cloud

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Sure it would be good. Without stupid exclusive deals though. That's what is so annoying for gamers these days. Not just related to this topic but in general. Platform X will get a game or a DLC earlier because someone payed the devs some money. Stuff like that is not good for gaming.
Same goes for this BF3 Origin deal. Let the biggest competitor sell the game as well but fight it with a lower price (because there is no middle man on your DD platform) and you'll still get a lot of customers because the price is lower but at least all gamers have access to it the way they want/prefer.
So how can I get Valve games on Origin then? Just Cause 2 is exclusive Steam, since you need the Steam client to play it and that's not even a Valve game. Battlefield has always had EA behind it so there is a big difference.

Exclusives are a way to make big money and I'm sure Epic games do well with Gears of War being Xbox360 exclusive.
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