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Default Re: Amazon Kindle Fire

Originally Posted by Maverick123w View Post
I agreed with this until I played around with my buddies nook color running cm7. 7" is waaaaay more comfortable. Immediately made my touchpad feel like a giant unwieldy brick.

Selling my TP and getting one of these.
I like my screen size. I owned a Nook Color for two days and I thought the screen was too small to comfortably type on it. Plus watching a video on a 10" screen is so nice compared to a 7" screen. Kinda like saying watching football on my 40" LCD is better than my 32" LCD.

I think the Kindle Fire is going to be a big hit for the price point, especially with the modding options that will follow soon after. I just hope it's not a PITA rooting process like the Nook Color. But then again, tinkering FTL.
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