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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
Just read a few other reports that players with Logitech G9 are experiencing similar probs to me.

Edit: Just tried my deathadder instead, problem still there...give up trying to solve it now ive tried everything. Maybe my GPU just isnt up to the task anymore but i doubt that as i dont have a problem with any other game and i do get 60fps on average. Just glad i didnt pre order it, not too keen on paying for a beta with more maps.
Are you refering to a judder/jitter you get when strafing at times?

It reminds me of a problem I had in Dead Island, to fix it I had to enable Filter Keys in the Ease of Access part of Windows, disabling repeat keystrokes.

Like some strange polling issue with certain keyboards or something.
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