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Default New ASUS A7N8X-Deluxe

Hello all,
OK, I have read the posts here and anywhere else I could find info about this board. It seems the newer boards have most of the problems fixed either by passing the kernel 'acpi=off noapic' and/or updating the Bios, and using the newest nForce files. I might use my SBLive and maybe the onboard 3com nic, with a FX 5600 video card and the usual other stuff in the way of drives, burners etc. My SBLive works with the new emu10k1 driver and emu-tools package on my current system. I managed to get 4 speakers to work (middle speaker=no) and it sounds very good!

Question(s) about the ASUS board:
What is the SoundStorm/Dolby Digital chip on this board? Does ALSA support it out of the box(4 or 5 speakers)? On nVidias site they have a demo, nice, I don't use winblows or have directx8. Will we have all/some of the tools XP has? OR should I use the SBLIVE?

Do the NICs work out of the box?

My Mdk Powerpack 9.2 arrived yesterday, probably after the first of the year I should have all the parts I need.

Thanks for any info concerning this board...

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