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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

Just played Caspian border. Enough to put me off the game entirely...Thankyou EA/Dice for giving me the opportunity to try out BF3 before i buy it, you have now saved me a good 35 quid that i can spend on a game that deserves it.

Why i dislike BF3 so far...
spawn killers
team killers (running people over in jeeps as they wait for plane sigh)
glitchy sound
Visuals aren't THAT good
mouse performance is terrible (input lag)
annoying 1 hit shots from a smg hitting me from what seems like 10 miles across a map and killing me, so far the guns are way unbalanced.....

Why is everyone enjoying this beta? Is it just me that hates what the Dice team have done ?

Had to come off bf3 beta and have a quick game of cod4 just to remind me how an FPS game should play...yes i did just say that because behind all the glorious visuals that some say they have seen in bf3 the actual gameplay as far as fps games go isnt that good.
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