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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

Originally Posted by Logical View Post

Why i dislike BF3 so far...
spawn killers
team killers (running people over in jeeps as they wait for plane sigh)
glitchy sound
Visuals aren't THAT good
mouse performance is terrible (input lag)
annoying 1 hit shots from a smg hitting me from what seems like 10 miles across a map and killing me, so far the guns are way unbalanced.....
Odd, I've played for about 10 hours so far and seen nothing you mention...

-If you have Lag go to a different server. I've played on many servers that have been flawless besides the occasional crash.
-Glitches? Its a beta.
-Spawn Killers? Stop sucking
-Team Killers? Just douches, go to a different server, you will find this in any game. lol
-Sound is flawless here...
-Graphic settings don't work. Going from low to Ultra has no difference. Only 2 settings work. This is expected though to keep the file size down.
-Mouse laggy? Turn off HBAO and VSYNC. Same problem with BC2.

Most of what you complain about is user error. lol

People don't seem to understand what a beta means though. It means that the game is still in development and beta is for testing features to find bugs... If you don't want to deal with bugs don't play a beta. Simple as that. People who are letting a beta change their opinion on the game are nothing but little bratty kids who want everything when they want it how they want it.
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