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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

I tried this with my two 460 768s in SLI (that new driver's a bit wonky in its implementation/switching on/off of SLI, have you noticed that?)... and tried 19x10 16xAF Ultra Detail, 4x MSAA set to "enhance application setting" and also set that to the same in the game control panel... kept HBAO on (does anyone have any screenies of HBAO vs SSAO vs OFF?) ... and even with my 1090t @ 4ghz, and 8gb DDR3, and a new install of Win7 the game was running like dog crap. Dips into single digits using FRAPS. Tried Medium Detail with SSAO instead of HBAO, and didn't get much better of results.

So now I'll pop in two GTX 560 1gb cards and see how much better they do, both at stock frequencies (one's a stock reference speed, the other is a SuperClocked that for whatever reason won't run right at the lowered reference frequencies), and overclocked healthily.

I remember the 2x 560s wiping the floor with the 460 768 in Metro 2033 Ultra Detail; I'm kinda thinking this might just be a replay of that scenario.

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