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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
Odd, I've played for about 10 hours so far and seen nothing you mention...

-If you have Lag go to a different server. I've played on many servers that have been flawless besides the occasional crash. Lag is there on every server i try and on most my ping is 19-30ms so it isnt my connection...

-Glitches? Its a beta. Its a beta of a map that was released as alpha and if anything, there are now even more bugs than in the alpha, stop stating the obvious...

-Spawn Killers? Stop sucking Yeah i can help getting killed by a player who's head is only visible as the rest of his body has "sunk" into the ground and he cannot be killed yet seems to have no problem killing guys that have spawned in seconds...

-Team Killers? Just douches, go to a different server, you will find this in any game. lol No you dont find team killers in games that have FF off, most of the UK caspian border servers had twats on doing this, ruin final game much with it like they did bf2 ?

-Sound is flawless here... Good for you well it isnt for many others

-Graphic settings don't work. Going from low to Ultra has no difference. Only 2 settings work. This is expected though to keep the file size down. If it was gonna keep the filesize down they wouldnt have bothered with half of the non owrking settings...

-Mouse laggy? Turn off HBAO and VSYNC. Same problem with BC2. already done it, input lag is probably down to the server lag

Most of what you complain about is user error. lol Yeah because i have no clue how to set a game up for the best possible lag free and high fps experience, only been doing it 10 years :/
Yeah all the stuff i mentioned is user error lmao, i have most of the settings at medium all AA is off, vsync is off, ambient occlusion is off altogether, like i said in a earlier post im hitting between 50 -75 fps

People don't seem to understand what a beta means though. It means that the game is still in development and beta is for testing features to find bugs... If you don't want to deal with bugs don't play a beta. Simple as that. People who are letting a beta change their opinion on the game are nothing but little bratty kids who want everything when they want it how they want it.
Awww im sooo sowwy for not liking teh game....
You idiot, a beta is also there for people to try and see if they like it, with only 4 weeks off release you would expect a better beta...keep deluding yourself Roadhog, obvious pre-orderer is obvious...Don't like my opinion even though it is based on nothing but my true sour experience with beta bf3 then dont ****ing read my posts....
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