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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
Awww im sooo sowwy for not liking teh game....
You idiot, a beta is also there for people to try and see if they like it, with only 4 weeks off release you would expect a better beta...keep deluding yourself Roadhog, obvious pre-orderer is obvious...Don't like my opinion even though it is based on nothing but my true sour experience with beta bf3 then dont ****ing read my posts....
It's not my fault you decide to complain about all the little things that don't really matter at all. Beta's are not for people to see if they like the game. It is purely for the devs to test things and find more bugs they might have missed with a much larger user base. That's even been stated by them numerous times...

If you have problems report your bugs in a mature matter to the developers. Not whining like a little baby to people who can't do anything about them on a forum.
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