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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

Let's just wait shall we and then you can say I told you so on the 25th. Performance varies for me, I think it's down to the server you're on because I got better performance with MSAA 4x + HBAO in my last game.

On the graphics stuff. I must say I'm not impressed with FXAA and I'd much prefer 16xAA or deferred MSAA. The performance hit is smaller but quality just isn't that good compared to higher MSAA levels.

It's this deferred rendering that's killed the AA quality. it makes me wonder if deferred rendering is a DirectX feature for the XBox360 and NVIDIA have now gave game developers FXAA so they can implement AA multiplatform. I'm not sure why DICE supports Post AA and deferred MSAA because it's just confusing to people, we just don't need yet another form of AA along with MLAA, even Crysis 2 supports it's own AA method and it makes the game look blurry as hell FFS
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