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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
That issue is being addressed now. DICE disabled the terrain destruction until final release, which will be fixed . Server side updates are also being rolled out Friday. Come on man, give it time, they only rolled out the beta today for eveyone.
They should not have rolled out the beta in this state then. I dunno I have no sympathy after some of the garbage I got stuck with lately... they cannot expect to drum up sales with crap like this. You guys can let it slide with the "beta" guise. I cannot, I expect retail to be about the same... if they are disabling the terrain destruction, what makes you think they can fix it in ~26 days and get those updates into the retail version? If they knew it was a problem it shouldve been disabled in the beta from the start... this tells me they are finding bigger issues that they had no idea existed. This really worries me. I haven't bought it yet and at this point I'm not sure I will without giving it some time for them to patch and fix it.
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