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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
They should not have rolled out the beta in this state then. I dunno I have no sympathy after some of the garbage I got stuck with lately... they cannot expect to drum up sales with crap like this. You guys can let it slide with the "beta" guise. I cannot, I expect retail to be about the same... if they are disabling the terrain destruction, what makes you think they can fix it in ~26 days and get those updates into the retail version? If they knew it was a problem it shouldve been disabled in the beta from the start... this tells me they are finding bigger issues that they had no idea existed. This really worries me. I haven't bought it yet and at this point I'm not sure I will without giving it some time for them to patch and fix it.

It's obvious you cannot read nor comprehend anything. lol

We have a proper fix for this in the retail game, but chose to simply disable it for the OB
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