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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

all those bitching about people bitching about the beta...grow up.

Dice have never released a final game in its complete stage. You think bf3 will be any different or do you think it will be the worse one ?

Sure time the bugs and glitches and balance of some things may be fixed, but on release i very much doubt it. Dice wouldn't release a half assed open beta to the public as they know a lot of judgement from a lot of people would go off the said beta.

Keep deluding yourselves, i appreciate you taking the time out and money spent on a game that will probs be in 'final stage' 3 months after release, if it werent for you guys the game would be a mess forever. If MW3 had been released as a beta with as many bugs and glitches as bf3 beta, IW/sledgehammer would have never heard the last of it and this forum would be full of hypocrites.

When i see a video of xbox 360 bf3 beta running better than my rig can run it on lowest settings it kinda annoys me. Which brings me to another point, dont expect 1 pc to run it like the next PC...some ****ing morons on here that are comparing there experience with bf3 beta and SLI 580gtx or crossfire ATI with my experience with a single GTX285....cry cry cry i havent seen anything you talked about in my 10 hours of beta playing bla bla bla well of course not your using a different rig you silly twat.
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