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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

Originally Posted by ArrowMk84 View Post
To the people bitching about DICE not putting out there latest and greatest for the open beta:

You do not let your latest and greatest code into the wild without doing serious internal testing on it first, and that takes time. It's simply how you do good testing - start with a closed sample in a known environment and work your way up to larger samples with more variables in system configuration. If you just kick it out the door to the public, you'll get a mass of data (or just a mass of pissed users, aka idiots, that think they know better than you) that actually makes it harder to isolate issues. The purpose of this beta is not to find bugs in the latest build, but to find issues that have gone unidentified so far in the control test environment and to put a real load on the backend components to identify any scaling issues you may have there. Using the beta as a demo for the game is a secondary concern.

Now, to those that are still bitching - if you don't like, why the **** are you still spamming this thread?! I absolutely hate seeing the same people bitching over and over again and uselessly fighting with people that like this game, making me wade through numerous posts to find useful information - news about the beta updates, the password for Capsian, cool screenshots, good stories and Bob's latest mugger impressions. Christ, just shut up already. If you care that much about it, fill out a damn trouble report or email customer support, otherwise GTFO, get a life and stop wasting my time.
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