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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Because they're trolls. That's what trolls do.
How is discussing the problems im having with bf3 beta and how unpleasantly displeased i am with the beta trolling. ?

Are you trying to say Vin that the game runs flawlessly as a beta with no glitches, no graphical artifacts (rare but true), high frame rate, smooth performance and bug free ?

If trolling is voicing an opinion about an experience i have had trying a beta for a game then im guilty and you can ban my ass for being a troll right now.....

Believe me, no one wanted BF3 to come out as a pearl of a game more than i did, yes my gpu is getting on a bit but ffs it should still run bf3 beta without all the crap ive mentioned. If dice release BF3 bug free i will eat my shoes, but we both know that aint gonna happen and as i said earlier it will be 3 months before this game is patched up and being played on all rigs as it should do.

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