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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
How is discussing the problems im having with bf3 beta and how unpleasantly displeased i am with the beta trolling. ?

Are you trying to say Vin that the game runs flawlessly as a beta with no glitches, no graphical artifacts (rare but true), high frame rate, smooth performance and bug free ?

If trolling is voicing an opinion about an experience i have had trying a beta for a game then im guilty and you can ban my ass for being a troll right now.....
No, but the majority of "game sucks" posts aren't informative or descriptive. And the fact that people continue to come back to the thread despite the fact they have already stated they dislike the game makes it, *gasp* trolling.

How does me calling a troll a troll equate to saying the game runs flawlessly? Honestly, the game itself runs fine for me, good frame rate, haven't gone through the floor (yet).

But I'm still not even rank 1 (after about 5 hours of intermittent play) because it keeps crashing to desktop after about 15 minutes of playing. Hell, I've played hours and I've only finished one map which got me a whopping 240 XP. But do I feel the need to inform everyone here about this every 5 minutes? Or say the game sucks constantly? No. People know it's an issue, I'm sure DICE does, and it's a beta.
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