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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

I aint trolling im just ****ing pissed off that a game i been waiting for all year has a beta release and i was expecting more.....I have said why and the fanboi's just seem to call me a blatant liar....

Youtube vid coming soon *jeeeez*

At the end of the day if a Dice dev came to these forums he would find the negative posts (or as you say the troll posts) a hell of a lot more informative than the silly little fanboi posts equating to nothing more than ass licking and delusion.

And i will say it again, Its not that i dont like BF3...i do i frickin love it..but....for me it is not playable in its current state as it appears on my rig and so i will only make a purchase when i know these bugs have been fixed, its also worth noting that the probs im having with the beta are the same probs i had with the alpha. There that should keep the fanbois happy.
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