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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

So, after playing a few hours, initial impressions.

The browser - I don't mind it exactly, anymore. I like that you can keep that open and then launch a game from it. Simpler than launching whole game. I also enjoy the COMM feature with friends, etc. That being said, the search needs to be improved and I get errors constantly trying to join games. Whether it is full but doesn't say, timeout error, random errors, etc. Should see this get fixed though so not worried.

Gameplay - Smooth so far. Haven't experienced any issues with lines, dropping through maps, etc. as other people have said. It's different for sure. Will take some time getting used to the general characteristics but it is a positive upgrade. One thing I don't like is the menu, setting key bindings, etc. You have to in a game and alive to do it. I get killed often when trying to change settings and it exits out and I have to redo it. Hopefully they change this.

Maps/round - It's a beta and only one map now but can't get into it. WAY too linear. It's walking down a hallways and hoping you can dodge quick enough to make it to the mcomm. I don't expect all maps to be like this but why beta test this one? It's junk.

Don't like how the map doesn't show the FULL map when you expand it. Would like to see where I am relative to the whole map.
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