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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

Originally Posted by Blade View Post
2 hits & you should be down, they nerfed MOH after the crybaby's got invloved, i don't want 5 shots to kill bs.
Everyone was just camping with a sniper rifle in MOH. The game was awful, no fun at all... they had to nerf it because no one was trying to cap points everyone was just sitting in a bush with a scope up. Honestly I would've been fine if they removed the class altogether. Its Medal of Honor.. not "pick a corner and camp"... you should be earning that medal of honor not hiding in an effin bush for 20 mins. You should be ashamed of yourself for calling the people that were trying to play the game fairly crybabys.
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Oh, if the whole world had only one neck for me to squeeze in my hands...
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