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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

Originally Posted by ElL33t View Post
Is there really a competition between COD players and BF players? I always though COD was for console kids and BF was for adults. COD is a spaztasic type of game where you jump around running around like a moron pretending it takes skill to play a video game. Both are just games but COD always seemed like a kids game to me. It is another Doom knock-off.
COD is a game of reflexes... who can aim and fire the fastest.

BF is more tactical, using cover, playing as a class supporting other teammates.

They are just 2 totally different types of games. Don't kid yourself about COD being a kids game.. trust there will be just as many kids playing BF3 when it comes out on the 360 as there will be with MW3. Consoles are for kids.
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