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Unhappy Can no longer use native 2560x1600 resolutin of U3011 after upgrading(?) to GT520

Hi, all.

Thanks in advance for any help. I used to have a 7600GS-based card on Kubuntu Natty (11.04) and it saw and used 2560x1600 on my Dell U3011 with no problems. I'm sorry that I can't remember which NVidia driver was in use, I've re-installed since then. I do think (vaguely) that there were no specific mode lines in xorg.conf back then, but I can't prove it.

Now, I recently purchased an ASUS, GT520 based card (why that one? it's the most recent fanless/silent one I found.). The mode the NVidia driver is set to is nvidia-auto-select but 2560 x 1600 is NOT an option. That much is clear from the logs, (bug report attached) but I'm unsure as to how to debug it.

I've tried a number of things (note that the last attempt was a full re-install of Natty, so it wiped out anything prior)
1) save the monitors EDID (it had 2560x1600!) , force to use it
2) re-install this old driver versions, new ones, etc. The new ones do say they support my GT520.
3) Decided I'm not savvy enough with uninstalling and reinstalling NVidia drivers and the appropriate kernel-based pieces, so....let's let the Natty installer handle that Full re-install.

I've noticed that others in the forum seem to have the Dell U3011 detected at its native resolution....

Oh, I'm using the DVI connection and a DVI cable, so I think I've got all the appropriate/necessary dual-link goodness in place.

Any help, or other information that might help?
It seems like it should "Just Work" since it used to, right?
The new card is a complete superset of capabilities of the old card, right?


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