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Originally Posted by ElL33t View Post
I know the difference between the two. I've played both since their very first games. COD is a kids game. That is why so many flock to it. It doesn't mean that adults don't play. It means it has the same childish mentality that I hated in CS. It also doesn't mean that BF doesn't have kids playing it. I just view COD as a simple death match bouncing around spaz game.

My point is anyone who comes in and says such and such game takes skill is a goof. It is a game. It takes no skill. Just pick it up and shoot. If you are better than someone, no big deal. Just shoot stuff and make stuff go boom. That is all you are doing in any game. Anyone who takes this serious is a tool.
Honestly, when COD when was only on PC, where it started, it was definitely not a "kids" game... the only reason it now has taken on that is because it went to consoles. Kids play consoles... once COD went to the consoles everyone associates COD with kids because of that. Blame the consoles for that, not the adult gamers that play it on PC. They've changed the game to appeal to the moms of kids that want to run and gun and act like idiots with a headset on...cause thats where the 6.5 million sales come from.

Greed has ruined the COD franchise. There is no skill involved you are right about that, it's reflexes and luck.
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