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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
I can understand the guys that put hundreds of hours into the game and unlocked all that highend equipment and prefer the normal mode however. Those unlocks will give you an advantage.
In HC mode that stuff is almost useless. Not only is it more realistic, it's also more balanced.
The hundreds of hours have nothing to do with it, especially in bad company 2. I think you unlock all your stuff by rank 21 or 22ish, and that is hardly "hundreds of hours", and you unlock magnum ammo at rank 14, also not after "hundreds of hours". Any good player can rape with whatever gun you give them. I haven't used magnum ammo in over 6 months.
I hate the hardcore modes because usually they take away a key element of the game, which is the firefight. Seeing who can land a shot anywhere on the body first is REALLY retarded imo. Might as well call it quake 3 arena.
The map is also awful for this kind of gameplay because you spend more time crawling than shooting or sprinting, since there is no cover. After the first mcons, it is WAY better.
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