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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Well then you clearly played the good old CoDs wrong!
CoD 2 S&D or HQ is one of the best Multiplayer ever created.
Where did I say I bounced around like a spaz? I said the people that play it do.

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Honestly, when COD when was only on PC, where it started, it was definitely not a "kids" game... the only reason it now has taken on that is because it went to consoles. Kids play consoles... once COD went to the consoles everyone associates COD with kids because of that. Blame the consoles for that, not the adult gamers that play it on PC. They've changed the game to appeal to the moms of kids that want to run and gun and act like idiots with a headset on...cause thats where the 6.5 million sales come from.

Greed has ruined the COD franchise. There is no skill involved you are right about that, it's reflexes and luck.
I think you are right when COD first came out. I enjoyed it back then. It was great. Now it just seems goofy.

I'm just saying that video games in general don't take skill, or at least a skill that is worth while having. I doubt very much my ability to pown in COD translate well into me managing my crew at work. I just take them for what they are, games. Just sit back, relax and have fun blowing stuff up. All the other stuff fanboys and hardcore nerds talk about is silly.
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