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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

Originally Posted by ElL33t View Post
Where did I say I bounced around like a spaz? I said the people that play it do.

I think you are right when COD first came out. I enjoyed it back then. It was great. Now it just seems goofy.

I'm just saying that video games in general don't take skill, or at least a skill that is worth while having. I doubt very much my ability to pown in COD translate well into me managing my crew at work. I just take them for what they are, games. Just sit back, relax and have fun blowing stuff up. All the other stuff fanboys and hardcore nerds talk about is silly.
Thing is you will never have a strategic game on a public server with any CoD, join a clan and play an official match and the whole game opens up into a VERY skillfull strategic game where teamplay is a must...this is what i like about CoD but have missed since cod4...MW2, W@W and blops suck when it comes to competitive play, however blops has recently stepped up a gear since the release of XKmod which is similar to cod4 promod.

I also think its gonna be the same route for me with bf3, theres just too many lowbies on public servers to take advantage of strategies and a 32 v 32 clan war (conquest gametype of course) kinda makes me horny. Thats not to say i wont play on public but i find clan wars a whole better experience.

Also some players make a living from playing at major LANs and winning huge amounts of money, corsair are holding a tournament soon for cod4 with a winning prize of $10,000

Proffesional teams such as Dignitas, Reason, Fnatic, team coolermaster and eSuba enter competitions like this all over Europe and sometimes USA. As a game dies off so do the tournaments and LANs for said game and as a result a newer game is needed hence all the agro IW and Treyarch get when they release crap that is not esports friendly.

Nothing silly about being this skillful, a guy who i would consider the best CoD4 scope ever to grace CoD4 and i would know cos i played against him a few times.

Soz for off topic, i just thought it worth mentioning that proffesional teams take games seriously and to get that good is godly. I just hope that it is possible for players to get this skillful on BF3 and MW3.
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