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Default Nvidia Driver 275.28

Hello there,

I am using a Debian(64-Bit) 6 Testing System with Stable Security Updates and GNOME. After trying my GT 9800 GT Driver get run. Heavy Lags appear with some Flash programms, Mumble and other Applications. First I thought that it could be my Hardware. But before my xserver upgraded from 10.4 to ABI 11 (xorg-server 1.11) everything ran fine. After it I had to downgrade the Nvidia-Driver to Version 275.28 any else Version wonīt work. The problem comes from this NVIDIA Driver 275.28 without any NVIDIA-Driver only the System one, everything works fine but a little bit Slower. Also if I only try to change to an other application one CPU (3,2 GHz from 4) is on 100%. Trying to watch a Video on Youtube one CPU 100%. Only when I have this Driver. I canīt upgrade to 10.4 Version of the xorg-Server because of some important Bugfixes in the 11 Version, which I need. So I hope that a new Version of the 285.03 get out for ABI 11. Any Release Date or Ideas to help me?

With friendly Regards

PS: I am German, sorry for my bad English. :-)
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