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I did use the same driver version (280.26). But that was the same driver I have been using even before this new build.

It does seem like that I have found the problem. I have been playing BC2 for about 3 hours without an issue and I think it was my graphics card overheating. I manually set the fan to 80% and then played BC2 and it never gave me the BSOD. Guess I'll have to set the fan at 80% each time I want to play, no big deal though as I am just happy I found the issue.

Thanks to all who responded and helped me with this problem.
Yep, that's the one they released that had fan control issues. It's not ramping the fan up as heat increases on some cards, so it has to be manually set as you did.

Glad you found it, that can frustrate the heck out of anyone.
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