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Default Remembering the Excitement

With Rage coming out at 11PM CST tonight (freakin woot), I thought it would be a good idea to download and play some Doom 3 this weekend. I drove home Friday afternoon remembering how exciting times were when Doom 3 came out.

I remember that Doom 3 was what got me heavy into PC gaming, along with Half Life 2 being released shortly afterwards. I also remember seeing this video and having a nerdgasm:

I also remember that I bought a $450 NVIDIA 6800GT just for Doom 3, I was so stoked for this game if you couldn't tell.

Most people say that Doom 3 was a huge disappointment but I highly disagree. If you compare the video above to the actual game, then yes, I could see that. However, the game was still really good, extremely creepy going through it the first time and the MP was quite fun.

I remember picking up the game at an Electronics Boutique (that no longer exists). We had to wait 2 hours because the manager of that store had to drive hours away to pick up a couple of copies. Tons of fans just standing around a game store in silence is a bit awkward lol.

Finally, I remember that Doom 3 was the game that brought me to NVNews! I had some questions about the 6800GT and it's all history from there.

Just thought I would share some good times.
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