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Default Re: compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in XFindOnExtensionList()

I just realized that my attachment is empty...

Soo, here is my system:

Fully updated Ubuntu 11.10 beta 2
Unity desktop environment 4.20 (compiz 0.9.6).
NVIDIA GTX 560M with NVIDIA driver version 280.13 from the Ubuntu software channels.

I've attached the following, and here is how I got each file:

unity.log: Unity wouldn't start at all in this case, I simply tried to run it in the debugger using "unity --advanced-debug". However, it ran fine when I started it without --advanced-debug.
unity2.log: I started Unity without --advanced-debug, and then attached gdb to the compiz process. As soon as I did that, compiz crashed, and I got this.
unity3.log I logged out, and logged back in. Then I attached gdb to the compiz process with this result.

Normally (i.e. without using gdb), I can reproduce it pretty steadily by suspending my system to RAM and then resuming. On resume, the screen will hang and lag for up to 30 seconds (note this happens only when I am using compiz as my window manger, metacity (Unity-2D) resumes instantly), I will sometimes be presented with the unlock screen dialog, but sometimes not. In the latter case, I can type my password in and it will bring me to my desktop, where compiz/unity proceeds to crash.
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