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Default Re: Bug Report: Hard crash (freeze) with nVidia GTX 460

Sorry to sort of drop this post here but I couldn't leave it on the site it should have gone on without taking the time to register with yet another forum to leave clues to the problems we are all having with recent vintage nVidia-based boards & newer drivers. This is the text I originally attempted to sneak into the forum thread:, so if any of you have access you could maybe copy the below text directly into a post and reference this site. Thanks.

Anyone notice anything under Linux for say a Zotac GT 440? I bought one to try to use in a system that was experiencing the "ION-based motherboard crashes X on upgrade syndrome" (rather than stay in the past) and got hit with random freezes like unto this forum (which if I'd have known about this thread then I might not have bought the card). The card is nominally a GT440 with 512MB but I saw under Gentoo that the nVidia proprietary tool for setup shows 1GB - the part # listed on the label on the card is 288-2N188-001ZT which is also printed on the retail box side along with ZT-40701-10L. The clocks don't seem correct as well (again going by the setup tool that gives Linux a GUI for interacting with this card) or at least the maximum clocks seem to not match reports from Zotac's own page for the card (1600MHz versus 3200MHz for instance). If software is thinking that there is more memory than is available or a clock is being set to a frequency that is out of normal range due to a glitch in detection or otherwise it could explain some of the random problems I've had which do mirror what I read about on these pages.
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