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Default Re: Oops when startx with GTX 280 on 280.13 or 285.03

Hey AlexLG,

A while ago I started this thread, but it has since died without any resolution to the issue. There is also this one that is seemingly unrelated but the specific symptom (kernel Oops) bares some resemblance to ours (I'm no kernel hawk, though...).

As you can see, I'm in pretty much the same situation, same Oops no matter which kernel/distro/driver combination I try.

Distros: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1, SUSE/Novell Enterprise Linux 11, Fedora 15, Centos 6.0, Centos 5.5, Ubuntu 10.04, Ubuntu 11.04, Ubuntu 11.10 (beta), Debian 6.0 (stable)
NVIDIA drivers: 260.1936, 270.4106, 275.28, 280.13, 285.03 (beta)

I also confirmed that the hardware works in Win 7. And that a Quadro FX380 under Linux gives the same oops as a Tesla. I guess I'm feeling your pain...

I do find it curious that you mention you have a friend with the same HW but without problems. Is it really the same hardware? Could you ask him to do a lspci and whatnot with a lot of verbosity to compare to yours? Is he using a stock kernel, or rolling his own?

Good luck (to us all),

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