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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Peoples-Agent View Post
The frame rate is a solid 60 but at times feels lower, hard to explain. Like a slight stutter when strafing and turning. Are you setting AA to x8 ingame or through the nvidia cp?

Feels like a polling or input issue rather than frame rate.

Game is superb though, very happy with it. Mutant Bash TV FTW!
I've got the AA set in game, all else through nvidiainspector at the moment. I don't have the stutter though unless I use quick load. have no idea what's up wit that, but the answer is easy, don't die

Originally Posted by BioHazZarD View Post
Omg look this video is it like this for you guys ? wtf was id thinking with the megatexture thing..
I haven't seen that at all. Using a single 480 @ 800Mhz and the 285.27 beta drivers.
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