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Default Re: ***Official Dark Souls Feedback Thread***

The first fire you are dropped at after the tutorial sort of acts as a hub. As you progress through the areas, you will be able to open various shortcuts to get back to it. I've gone through about 4 bosses so far and I definitely should have done them in a different order. Did the two gargoyles at the top of the tower at soul level 10 and got my ass handed to me quite a few times before downing them. The world is wide open though; anything you can see, you can walk to.

By the way as far as I can tell Humanity is used to return to life after becoming hollowed (dying) and to kindle bonfires which lets that particular fire refill 5 more Estus Flasks per kindling. Try and use humanity sparingly; I've only kindled Firestone Shrine (the first one) and it seems to be working out well. You can actually loot items that give humanity and they also act as recovery items so if you're out of flasks and a boss is almost down they can be useful clutch heals.

You can drop a soul sign while alive or hollowed so co-op appears to be a way to farm souls and get extra humanity from boss kills. edit: Forgot this part - you can't summon for co-op if you're hollowed. I also read that being alive increases resistances to status ailments (this is a big deal because recovery items are scarce and status effects are very bad).

This game is harder than Demon's Souls but not by a lot; the biggest difference is that you can wander into an area you're far underleveled for and get slaughtered, but it's not really a big deal. Extremely fun but I need a break for a bit!

Oh and an extra tip for enemies with long tails - you can usually attack and remove the tails for special items. Try this on the gargoyles and the red dragon that sits across the bridge after the Taurus demon. You'll have to get underneath the bridge and shoot the dragon's tail with about 50-60 arrows, but it's worth it - you get a really good 1 handed sword. It doesn't scale with stats but it is a great starter weapon. Wish I had it for the gargoyles..ugh so many deaths.
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