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Default Re: Iphone 4S phone image leaked!

Originally Posted by zoomy942 View Post
So an 8MP camera huh? How old is my Droid Incredible? 8MP in there. 1GHZ dual core CPU? how old is my Droid Incredible? 1GHZ (single core but in the mobile space meh).
It's not all about MP, that's just a resolution. Doesn't count for the quality of the pic. My wife's iPhone 4 takes better pics than a couple of the Droid X2 and Incs floating around the office. Jussayin.

You, mr six, are as jaded as they come. That OG droid you used + the Eris are tainting your perception. I mean, it's no wonder you are so interested considering your phones you currently use are 2+ years old.
Maybe so, but let's be honest. If I bought a new Android phone today, it would still have the same buggy, half-arsed app carrying, have to root and tinker OS. Just my opinion.

I would never, in a zillion years, give up my Droid Inc for an iPhone 4s. iOS 5 has pull down notifications! Weeee!! Ah right, android. App access from lock screen? Weee!!! Oh wait, HTC Sense 3.0 and up. iOS 5 has lots of apps! Weeeeee!! Wait, so does android.
I'll agree that pull down notifications is a rip off. However, it's a good system that works. I'll give Android that. App access from the lock screen, meh, who cares. Lots of apps? Yes sir. iOS has the best selection of quality apps. This is debatable but I hate missing out on games and apps because I have Android. Yes Android is catching up but waiting sucks.

Besides all this, the 4s is an incremental update, and once you are in their ecosystem.. you are stuck with...

"This great new feature called Siri will change the world! But.. You gotta buy a whole new device to use it..."

My droid inc can run whatever flavor of Sense I want which means I don't have to keep buying new devices.
Siri looks awesome. Android's voice commands are extremely sloppy and not accurate at all. I've tried to adapt to it and it just keep throwing up crazy words. Unusable IMO. Let's see how Siri does.

What about Airplay? There are no other offerings out there that I've seen that does the same just as easily. I know not everyone has an Apple TV, but it's a sweet combo, especially when showing photos, video, etc.

As for your last sentence, that involves TINKERING. No freakin way, no more. I'm so sick and tired of having to waste time with my devices just trying to get it to work the way it should. I've wasted enough of my time with Android. My wife's iPhone 4 worked (and still works) perfectly out of the box, no hassle and no fuss. Can't do that with Android. BLOATED out of the box! "Oh but you need to root, ADB shell into the phone. . . " Just stop right there. If it involves tinkering, then no thanks.
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