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Default Re: Iphone 4S phone image leaked!

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
With all due respect six, your view of Android is seriously flawed. You need to check out newer devices and Gingerbread.
Maybe so in some people's opinion. But I've owned my OG for 1.5 years, have had Gingerbread for months, tried multiple combinations of ROMs/Kernel/Android versions, yet none really work all that well IMO.

Lots of guys at my work have Evos, DX2s, Incs, and Inc 2s. To me, it's all the same OS with better hardware. Why would I buy a new Android phone if it's got the same ol' OS that I don't want?

Also, true multitasking allows apps to use CPU cycles in the background, instead of just holding them in memory. For comparison, it's like if you were to minimize your browser with a YouTube video playing, and your computer just froze it in memory (video stops, browser uses no CPU cycles), until you came back to it. It's good for some things (battery life, maybe saving some memory) but many services and other features which are very useful require it. It's kind of a Catch 22.

It is strange that my Samsung Omnia from 3 years ago (Windows Mobile 5.1, yuck) had true multitasking, and iOS still doesn't...

EDIT: Also as magus said, they release some of the cache to save memory

EDIT 2: Here's a good reference
Thanks for the resources. So maybe iOS does not have "true multitasking". However, not everyone runs 500+ apps at one time. I just got on my iPad, opened Wolfenstein 3D, "multitasked" to Mail, then to Safari, then to Tiny Tower, then back to Wolf3D. It was exactly where I left off. How is that not "multitasking"?

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Play a game on Android or run an App that uses a lot of resources and if you switch to another app and try to resume that app later the OS needs to reload all the resources because it just caches a resume mark, not the resources the app requires. With Android you can jump between any app and it will resume instantly without needing to reload the resources. I can have 2 games running, text messaging and email all going without a single ounce of loading in between.
Looks like I can do the same thing with no problem on my iPad. Just saying.

This "multitasking problem" may have been a problem in the past for iOS (OMg I can't play Pandora while checking email!!!11 What ever shall I do?!?!!) but it's not that way anymore.
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