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Default Re: Iphone 4S phone image leaked!

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
Maybe so in some people's opinion. But I've owned my OG for 1.5 years, have had Gingerbread for months, tried multiple combinations of ROMs/Kernel/Android versions, yet none really work all that well IMO.

Lots of guys at my work have Evos, DX2s, Incs, and Inc 2s. To me, it's all the same OS with better hardware. Why would I buy a new Android phone if it's got the same ol' OS that I don't want?

Thanks for the resources. So maybe iOS does not have "true multitasking". However, not everyone runs 500+ apps at one time. I just got on my iPad, opened Wolfenstein 3D, "multitasked" to Mail, then to Safari, then to Tiny Tower, then back to Wolf3D. It was exactly where I left off. How is that not "multitasking"?
I know six, we've heard the same thing from you many times.

Just check out a new Android device next time you're at the store. You really don't need to tinker with it. It's just like I said before, Android is like Windows XP on these newer phones. There's more than enough hardware to handle it.

Also, I think Android is superior to iOS simply because you can actually use it. You can install unapproved apps, browse files, etc. Most of those things require a jailbreak on iOS.
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