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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

Damn... the game got some pretty amazing reviews:

IGN's teamXbox gives it a 9.5/10

Game Informer gives a 9/10

The Escapist a 4.5 out of 5

Computer and video games (CVG) gives a impressive 8.9/10

DigitalTrends gives a 9/10, honoring the length of the game and content

IGN ironically, unlike their teamXbox division, gives it a great score 8.5/10 for ps3, giving it their editors choice award (and they are hard to impress, lol)

RipTen gaming gives it 9.5/10

UGO gives it a fantastic "A-" score (electronicgamingmonthly) praises RAGE and delivers a 9.5/10 give it a very nice "B" score

3dJuegos gives it a strong 91/100

Spanish gaming behemoth gives it a 9/10

Machinimas "insidegaming" portal gives it a 90/100

Ausgamers gives it a 90/100 gives a 90/100 as well

IncGamers giving it a 90/100

VoodooExtreme (one of my fav's) gives it another 9.5/10

Attack of the really devoted gives it a perfect score rating of "Loved it!"

UK's theGuardian gives it a nice 4/5 gives it a 4.5/5

DigitalSpy gives it another 4/5

TheGamersHubs gives another 4/5

G4tv says its a definite win at 4/5 says its a definete "must buy"

CNET gives it an "extremely favorable" review

Gamespot gives it a great review at 8/10

Blast gives it a "B"

Gamepro gives a 4/5

VGrevolution gives it a 8.6/10

PC Gamer gives an 84 (and thats with the texture glitches considered, very impressive!)

And though its hard to find a numerical score or star rating on editorial articles, The pittsburgh post gives it a 9/10

I bought all three to see differences and stuff... consoles run and look like a dream... simply stunning what carmack can do even with 6 year old console hardware. I think maybe their attention was focused to that a bit too much... my PC version runs great on my i7 2600k / gtx580 system... but they do have a few texture/graphics issue to resolve.

The game itself is just 'effin amazing... very well done as far as content, vehicle, gameplay, increbily awesome AI and models, etc.. I'd give it a 9.5/10 on console, and 9/10 on PC until they can get some of the crashing/texture glitches resolved.
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