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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

There's some tweaks possible with .cfg file, cannot wait to get my dirty hands on this one. (especially after some modding.)
Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
I don't think you understand how megatexture works... The game is already 22 gigabytes with the textures it has now. The problem is, they wanted to do a big open world driving game with lots of area, which is the worst possible case for megatexture. Q4 was fine because it was fairly small closed levels for MP playing, not a huge open world.

Can you imagine how big this game would be if they just doubled the texture quality from whatever it is now?(looks like 256x256 on average) Four times the size. You're talking a 80GB game. No one could sell that. Many people don't even have enough HDD space for that. Its a failure of the tech they decided to use, for the type of game they decided to make. It doesn't have anything to do with consoles, you couldn't release the game with better textures, it would just be too big. Thats megatexture, waste a ton of space for unique textures, trading pretty much everything for more unique textures.
Actually it wouldn't necessarely use that much more storage space, they have quite nice little 'optimization' that checks areas where player can go and decreases resolution of stored textures further away.

What they should have done is increase the possible resolution where player can get very close to objects and with double the space we might have got 4-8 times the texel density on places where it really matters.
IE. huge environments where you would mostly be driving would be with same textures, but city areas and such near players head would get better textures.
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