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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

The best games are created when a team is passionate about some aspect of the experience: be it the lead character, the setting, the story, or a new game mechanic. There is nothing about the characters, setting, story, or mechanics in Rage that's interesting, new, exciting, or fun. It feels like a group of people had to create a game because they were under contract, not because they honestly enjoyed any aspect of their own creation. This is a great tech demo for the engine, and that's all. It's merely competent, but never special.

So, just to sum up my nine plus hours with the game so far:
No story to speak of
No characters that make an impression
Broken save system
Dull mechanics
Tedious quests
Weak shooting
Stock weapons
Racing is fun
Minigames are enjoyable
Very pretty

We'll be testing on PC and playing multiplayer in the coming days, but I felt it was important to share what the game is versus what people expect it to be. This is a massive disappointment.
How can people rate this with 9-9.5!

I don't understand!?
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