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Default Re: ***Official Dark Souls Feedback Thread***

I've been reduced to a slobbering fanboy at this point. This game is incredibly awesome. Makes me feel like a kid again (at least in a video gaming sense!) The scale of the world and enemies, the subtleties of the character advancement system, the combat, music, sound effects and atmosphere are all of a caliber I haven't seen in this gaming generation.

I believe I'm maybe halfway through the game. I have died more times than I remember, but each death (even ones that seemed cheap at first) yielded progress and areas or bosses that I thought were impossible at first were my bitches a half-dozen or so deaths later. The difficulty curve is near perfection. And it is not just slightly harder than Demon's Souls, it's a lot harder, especially once you leave the relative safety of the Undead Burg / Parish area.

There are plenty of areas to explore that are not necessary for the main game quest. This, along with several optional bosses and hidden shortcuts, compels you to at least set foot into the unknown and then kind of run with it until you realize you're in over your head. I'd cite specific areas but I'd rather not spoil the game for anyone.

I'm positive this is my GOTY.
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