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Default Re: Iphone 4S phone image leaked!

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Five reasons people are calling the iPhone 4S a dud

They hit the nail on the head. People were expecting too much, the presentation was lackluster, and the fact that they called this huge meeting (like they always do) for an incremental improvement, leads people to be disappointed in the device. In reality, the upgrade is pretty good (I like hardware upgrades). But this press conference bull**** finally bit them in the ass. Can't say I wasn't sick of these press conferences and the coverage they get...

Honestly, they shouldn't have a launch for any of their "S" devices. They should just roll it out, let people realize it's there, then have a big rollout/upgrade every 2-3 years.

They probably should have researched when to have a launch event.
I'll agree to some of this. Remember that they had the event had their smaller theater, not in the larger venue like they usually do. Sorry I can't remember the name.
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