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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

The game looks LOTS better with the 8k textures, very happy with it now. No complaints.

Here's the config i'm using.

vt_pageimagesizeuniquediffuseonly2 8192
vt_pageimagesizeuniquediffuseonly 8192
vt_pageimagesizeunique 8192
vt_pageimagesizevmtr 8192
vt_usecudatranscode 2
vt_maxaniso 4
image_anisotropy 4

Notice the AF is only at x4, apparently that is the most the engine uses.

The Cuda transcode line is meant to enable enhanced features of the GPU Transcode option.

This works a treat on a single 570 GTX. Have no complaints at all. Eliminated the texture pop in.
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