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Default Re: 285.03: X Server 1.11.0 IgnoreABI required to work

Fortunately, I was aware of these issues before they occurred, so I kept nVidia 280.13 and Xorg X server 1.10.4 on my Debian Wheezy with GNOME 3.0.2. However, I have also a KDebian Wheezy on another partition, where I tested nVidia 285.05.09 with Xorg X server 1.11.1. The result was terrible: high CPU usage of Xorg and bad slowdowns. IgnoreABI didn't have any effect. Now, my KDE desktop isn't usable at all.

Therefore, for now, the real solution is just nVidia 280.13 and Xorg 1.10.4.
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