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Default Re: John Carmack: Developing RAGE for consoles was a big mistake

Originally Posted by grey_1 View Post
It's a false comparison, but the textures themselves aren't the only area this game is hurting.

Compare it to another made for console game like Dead Space 2. DS2s textures are nothing to write home about, but the overall art direction and visuals in so many parts of the game are just breath taking, so much the textures don't even really matter.

Rage doesn't have that - the hospital, if you've gotten there yet, is a great example. It. Is. Horrible.

The game play is the saving grace here - I'm having a blast in spite of the visuals.

I just keep telling myself it's Fallout's dumb and ugly kid brother.
Yeah that comparison is fake, but, it does actually compare one thing, lighting. All the lighting in rage on megatexture stuff is pre-baked, Doom3s big thing was the real time lighting.
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