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Default Re: John Carmack: Developing RAGE for consoles was a big mistake

Originally Posted by mullet View Post
Yeah ID now go sit on the retard bus with epic.

Valve is the only true developer left.
Exactly how I feel seeing this sophomore BS come from John Carmack. He should have been teaching his child to love playing games on PC instead of that retard plastic box with ****ty computer parts inside older than grey's underwear. Seriously next year smart phones will be more powerful than the 360.

Really you wanna write to the hardware on PC? How can one man loose the lore and respect of 30 something gamers everywhere so fast.

Move to Durham and code for Epic now. I heard they were gonna make cool flash games on UE now. Wouldn't that be a great way for you to retire.

Let down of the year, on the tech issues alone. The gameplay rip by Ars makes me not want to buy it now. I haven't read a review for a big game like this in years.
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