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Default Re: Official RAGE Feedback Thread

So I got around to installing this thing a few hours ago..was going to wait till 1.1 but friend said issues were only on ati drivers.... yea.. not quite.

It may not be as bad as some of the vids ive seen.. but on my 460gtx with gpu transcoding turned on, I still pickup objects and textures popping in when I turn my head. It becomes worse when things like whole doors pop in. Its pretty annoying.

Still aside from that.. the graphics are pretty sweet.. although there are my usual nitpicks, lack of day/night making realtime shadows kinda pointless, invisible and visible walls for blocking your way around. The story is not exactly gripping, you are left with the bare minimum.. infact its like playing world of warcraft. You have no idea why you are here, so just pickup the quest and go with the flow.

I do love the old style combat of rage though... I've missed being able to handle my own cover, and exploit holes and such to take down enemies. Although its hard to get used to buying and making your own ammo, you wont find enough of it just lying around.

oh, and...

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