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Default Re: John Carmack: Developing RAGE for consoles was a big mistake

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
I really want to hear what id has to say about all of this. Honestly. I think they need to give us some answers about this release.
Watch Carmacks Quakcon keynote speach, the one that's an hour and 20 some minutes. He touches on nearly everything people are complaining about. I guess I'm not as surprised by what Rage is because I already heard him talk about texture pop, texture resolution, the reasons they made one design choice versus another, their mistakes, and even about the disapointment some of the texture artists felt when then they found out their amazing artwork was reduced to a blur in some cases. Also watch his PC Gamer E3 interview. Between the two he covers everything, including the speculation on releasing DLC for the PC version to boost the graphics.
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